It only takes one person to inspire hundreds — that’s the power behind being a team captain. As a team captain for Challenge Walk MS you become a leader in a powerful movement towards a world free of MS.

Being on a team is an opportunity to share a great experience with friends, family members or coworkers — a community connecting to help end MS.

As part of the MS movement, you and your team are committed to a world free of MS. We’re committed to you and the success of your team. Follow these steps below to get started today!


Team members can be anybody — family, friends, co-workers, or even neighbors. Whether you’re a corporate team or a friends and family team, just be sure to ask everyone you know. Remember team captains must register themselves first and create a team before team members are able to join or register.

What makes up a Team?

  • Individuals can be Walkers or Crew
  • Team Totals will be tallied based on what each individual raises


Fundraising comes more naturally when you make it personal. If your team is walking for someone living with MS, ask them to share their story when making donation requests. Always follow these stories with statements about how much progress we have made in treating the disease. Another easy way to fundraise is through matching gifts, so be sure to ask anyone who donates to you if their company has a matching gifts program.

Do individuals on a Team have to raise the $1,500 minimum?

Yes, all individuals that are registered as Walkers are required to raise the $1,500 minimum. Crew members are not required to fundraise although it is encouraged. A great way to work as a team is to have team fundraising activities!

Create Your Team Tee at Spreadshirt.comT-shirts at

Here is your chance to order t-shirts for your team! We have partnered with to create an easy-to-use application to design and order shirts. You can order as many or as few t-shirts as you want or need. The best part about it is that will donate 20% of each order back to the National MS Society.

You can design team hats, t-shirts, jackets, and more! Choose from any style, color, cut, etc. Use the pre-selected images or upload your own. Make sure your orders arrive on time by seeing the shipping information link on

Have fun!

Challenge Walk MS is about a community connecting to end MS and the accomplishment of a unique personal challenge! As a leader, it is up to you to remind your teammates of why they registered. Challenge Walk MS is more than a fundraising event — it is a celebration of how far we’ve come together.